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you can't always get what you want

You know when you want something really bad from Anthropologie but you went on a spending freeze for 30 days and you accidentally told everyone on your blog so people could keep you accountable but then the very thing you wanted goes on sale and for a second you are like, "who will know if I buy this? I live in Nowhere, America" And then your husband says "I will know, and God and your readers." And you are like "what? how would my readers ever find out?" as you threaten him with a knife to never tell. But then your husband starts pointing to the cashiers at Anthro and he starts saying "what if she's a reader? I bet she is.." and he goes on like this until you drop the most perfect dress in the whole world and walk away from it forever. But deep in your heart you know that it didn't hit the ground when you dropped it, no, it fell into the hands of a greedy girl who has lots of Anthro-dollars to spend. And now it's hard to sleep at night and you and your husband rarely speak anymore.

Don't you hate when that happens?

Well that's why I invented Faux-thropologie (patent pending). This is when you find something from Anthro that you really like and you try to re-create it on the cheap. Case in point, this is the dress I wanted for as long as I can remember (I can only remember back to Christmas 2009):
But at $120 I couldn't say yes to the dress. So when it went on sale for $50, I sent a million hints to my husband about it and even tried to cheat and buy it while I was on my shopping strike. (I have no soul, really there is nothing there but a Twinkie.) Sadly within days the dress was gone and as we all know, once something is sold (on sale nonetheless) from Anthropologie, it's gone, forever. (Whatever doesn't sell goes straight to Heaven.)

So when I found this shirt while thrifting, I knew immediately that I could recreate a similar look to my long lost dress. And I saved a lot of money by doing so. Let's do the math:
Anthropologie Dress -- $120
Thrifted shirt -- $1
money saved : $119

Making my husband, God and my readers proud: priceless

Moral of the story: you can't always get what you want from Anthropologie, but you sure can fake it. Now if only I can find the matching skirt to this shirt...