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blue on blue


We took pictures of my outfit in record time today: 7 minutes. Oh yes. That's efficiency. But really it was because cars kept passing through the alley way where we were shooting and I was getting nervous. Like sweaty nervous. And that's never good. The last car just stopped and stared at us and I awkwardly side stepped out of frame back to our car. Maybe they were just waiting to take pictures for their outfit today, I sure hope so. Or maybe their car stalled out and they needed us to jump them. They were waving their hands and yelling help...

Anyways, back to me. I've been thinking a lot about cobalt blue and what I could do with it. (Total "Waiting for Guffman" reference -- anyone catch it?) As I was drowsily fumbling through my closet this morning I stumbled upon this top and remembered I had a pair of tights that matched perfectly. I had to go through a few versions of skirts before I got the right one. This skirt came to me by way of my mother. She has an enviable skill of finding gems on sale. I believe this skirt was $20? Outrageous. It's also a size too small. Hey -- you win some and you lose some and I never turn down free.

Speaking of blue, did you ever see that Arrested Development episode where Tobias wants to join the Blue Man Group and so he paints himself blue? Well I feel like him today.

There's got to be a better way to say that.