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snow day


Three things I learned today:

1. it is always good to own a sled. (we found a great hill, but alas had no sled-like thing to slide down it with.)
2. snow will blind you, if stared at long enough.
3. rain + snow + low traction boots x clumsiness - my ability to walk without falling down = a hurt ego and bruised leg.

Look at this snow! We just might be certifiably crazy (we as in my husband and I, not me and my multiple personalities). We left south Texas late yesterday afternoon to drive 8 hours (what should take us 4 1/2 hours) into a mild blizzard. Well, a blizzard for Texas anyways. For everyone else who got 59 inches of snow up north, please humor me. This is the most snow I've ever seen outside of a ski resort. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas finally... in February. I'm still hopeful for presents.

For everyone north of Texas who is probably laughing at me right now -- I do not know how you do it. People in the south go crazy over this snow. Last night we saw cars drive into medians, ditches, other cars -- you name it people were plowing into it. How do you guys manage to function in this weather? Also, major props for fashion bloggers outside of Texas. All I wanted to wear today was a sweatsuit but instead I went with layers. So many that I might actually look a bit homeless. I could have lost the hat and scarf, but I didn't want to take my chances. Better safe (and slightly hobo-looking) than sorry.

I wouldn't classify this outfit as a shining moment in fashion for me. I just took all of my favorite pieces and threw them on. I am debuting my new jean shorts though (or "jorts" as my husband so lovingly refers to them as). I got them a few weeks ago and love them. It was weird buying shorts in the middle of winter, but I'm glad I did. It makes me wish for summer that much more.

My husband is off to his guy's weekend and I'm at my parents with my sister and nephews. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay warm :)