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lumber jill


I was feeling kind of woodsy today with my denim shirt and boots. I told that to my husband and voila! he found this fantastic lumber yard with stacks and stacks of wood. I've got a sneaky feeling that my husband is magic. He has a few other magic tricks up his sleeve like pulling cash out of ATMs, lighting matches on any surface and making wine disappear. The day he pulls a bunny out of a hat we are going on the road.

I got my denim shirt at Old Navy this weekend. I was so mad at myself last fall when I didn't pick up a denim shirt at Gap. I kept waiting for it to go on sale and before I knew it they were all gone. Lucky for me Old Navy is always a bit behind and I snagged this one up. It's more of a tunic than a shirt, but it covers my bum so I don't mind. A covered bum means full permission to wear only leggings underneath. And underwear, of course. But that's it.

So we are complete losers and didn't celebrate Valentine's. I had the cutest outfit to wear had we decided to celebrate. But we were on the road all day yesterday and by the time we got home our celebratory options had been limited to drive-thru or delivery. We chose drive-thru. Which I tweeted about which resulted in Taco Bell now following me on Twitter. Nothing says romance like cheap and dirty mexican food.

Oh p.s. I'm severely allergic to cedar trees and their pollen haunts me every winter. Guess what I'm sitting on up there? Cedar trees. Dead cedar trees to be exact. I've never felt so justified.

You want to see something adorable? Of course you do. This is what I did this weekend:
oh babysock monkeysocko the monkeyhaybaby
A weekend filled with nephews, sock monkeys, birthday cake, my sister and shopping. Now that's a good weekend.