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I am an irresponsible person. Technically I shouldn't even be considered an adult, but since I'm over 18, I've voted and I have a credit card, I am an adult. I hereby protest this imposed age limit on adulthood, I should be an adult when I'm ready to be. And trust me, I'm not ready. If you saw my closet with all of my clothes on the floor and the naked hangers hanging lonely on the bar, you would understand why I am protesting adulthood. Besides the inability of keeping a clean and organized closet, I am also late everywhere I go and I can never remember to eat breakfast. There is a reason we don't have kids, people.

I say all of this out of total self-frustration. Instead of planning out my clothes for the next day, I read magazines, watch hulu or play iphone games with my husband until we fall asleep. I usually have a pretty good idea of what I want to wear or I dream about outfits (sick, I know) but this morning was chaos. I had no idea what to wear. I was already running late and was about to call it quits and throw on some overalls and a bucket hat (my back up plan, haven't used it since '94), when I saw this:
2.17 lucky

Bingo. I immediately knew that I could re-create this look in no time. I found this sweater easily as it was the only sweater still hanging in my closet. I found my belt under the bed and my shorts in a corner, crumpled up and crying. Oh and I got to wear my new shoes from Forever21. They are a bit tight, but I just couldn't bring myself to return them. As me and my size 10 (sometimes 11) feet have learned -- cheap shoes run small. No pain, no gain -- right?