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"Your Legs Look Weird" and other compliments from my co-workers

2.1.10 blog

Sunshine came in the form of my legs today. It was cold and rainy and down-right miserable outside. So why not spread a little color love, right?

Well apparently I've met my wardrobe risk threshold with the co-workers. I got compliments in the form of insults today, including but not limited to:

"Your legs look weird."
"Did you really buy those?"
"I thought that was your skin and then I thought you were sick."

When people give me backhanded compliments, I always like to make them work for the insult. Some people today mentioned the tights, I just acted like I didn't know what they were talking about. If they committed to the insult, then they needed to follow through. I felt kind of mean watching my co-workers stammer on and on trying to find the right words. But just because it's something they wouldn't wear, doesn't give them the right to insult or even comment. Oh well. In the wise words of my mother: haters are just gonna hate.

Next time I'll just send out an email warning everyone in the office that I may wear bright colors.