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rambling (wo)man


A few weeks ago we got one day of 75 degree weather and all of a sudden I think it's spring. And it's not by any means. I don't know why 29 degrees doesn't register with me when I check the temperature in the morning. But it didn't today and my arms, legs and upper chest area all agreed that I am an idiot. I was cold all day, tugging on my sweater to cover this cold area here or there. Lesson learned -- believe the weatherman, he means well.

I felt very 1970s-Georgia-O'Keefe- in-Santa-Fe-painting-pictures-of-cow-skulls today. That's a very specific feeling isn't it? Well that is one thing that I was blessed with -- being very in-tune with my emotions. A little too well, says my husband.

Okay I'm going to spare you the ramble that could happen for hours. I've hit 10:30 pm so this could get dangerous. Whatever you do, do not throw a topic out there or we could be here for days...

(Oh and shout out to all of you who comforted me with sharing your big feet woes as well. The shoes I'm wearing are size 11. Clown shoes are so hot right now.)