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ducks in a row

2.4.10 blog

Today was the dreaded student shadowing day at our office. Somehow I got put in charge. It ended up being one student who was only slightly interested in marketing, which is my field. This made for a fun morning. I'd forgotten how wonderfully awkward high school kids can be. I had also forgotten what it was like to not have a plan in the world. This poor kid was absolutely inundated with all of our adult world questions. "Where are you going to college?" "What organizations are you involved in?" "What's your GPA?" "What do you want to do when you grow up?" (A question that my mother swears grown-ups ask kids just to get ideas.) He just shook his head and shrugged, he had no idea what he was doing after May. Now at his age I had all of my ducks in a row, not only were they in a row but they were color coordinated and lined up alphabetically by name. (Last name first). But you know what? Looking back at everything I did to prepare for my future, it honestly didn't matter that much. This kid will be fine. So what if he doesn't have it all figured out at the age of 17? I don't even have it figured out at the age of 25. Oh and my ducks? There are somewhere at the bottom of my closet. Not color coordinated any longer.

Moving on to the outfit. I got a look today from my boss. Not sure if this is the "your skirt is too short" look or the "i like that skirt" look. I"m going to go with the latter option, just because it makes me feel better. I got this skirt on sale at Anthropologie last weekend. I couldn't believe it was still there. I had wanted it a while back, but I just couldn't bring myself to pay full price. (Read: my husband wouldn't let me pay full price.) I swear heaven's light was shining on this skirt when I found it last weekend. The crowd of grabby women parted and there it was. I think I heard angels sing when I tried it on and it fit perfectly. Bryan said that was probably someone's ring tone, but I know a heaven-sent gift when I see one.

By the way, what is up with women and sales racks? Anthropologie has this tiny little sale room and I swear the minute a women walks in there she becomes the female version of the Hulk. "Excuse me" turns into "hey watch it." Purses turn into hand grenades. I fear one day I will get in a fight in that little sale room. When that day comes, I hope I win. Anyone know where I can get a pair of brass knuckles?