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Happy Weekending


It finally stopped raining and the sun decided to show his face. I actually needed sunglasses today, it was about time. I was about to go into seasonal depression. There is a rule here in Texas -- if it's too cold, you complain. If it's too hot, you complain. Not everyday is a perfect 65 degrees like today was, so I complain.

No outfit post today, sadly. My husband (the photographer extraordaire) is out of town most weekends so Friday outfits don't always get blogged. Plus I can't figure out his camera and it's hard to take polaroids of yourself, as I found out. But we all need an off day right?

In case you were wondering, I wore an old prom dress to work.* That really shook up my co-workers.

Have a good weekend friends. See you on Monday :)

*a complete and utter lie with a side of shameless sarcasm.