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An Apologie


Do you want to hear something ironic? Ironic is your A/C not working for 6 months and 5 minutes after it gets fixed a huge storm blows in and takes your electricity and air conditioning away for the next 6 hours. Ironic is thinking that mid-week you need to wash all of the bed linens you own and then putting them in the wash 25 minutes before the electricity-taking storm hits, leaving you with nothing but a covered mattress. Ironic is your husband strutting through the dark house with his iPad and a smug look on his face, until he realized we don't have wireless internet and he can't watch Dexter on Netflix. Ironic is laying on your bed in a balmy 85 degrees house in your underwear listening to your crazy neighbors down the street, and then having a crazy neighbor walk up to your dark,open window like a drive-thru to ask if you had power. Irony is holding a candle up to your face to answer "No, we don't." while simultaneously covering your goodies with a pillow. And the most ironic thing of all, is laying in bed with your husband for 4 hours with nothing but a candle and an open window laughing until you fall asleep. Wait -- no the guy in the window is the most ironic thing of all.

That was my night last night. I learned a lot though during those 6 hours that we were without electricity. I learned that I need electricity, something I take for granted everyday.There we were reliving life before electricity -- reading our iPad by candle light, tweeting on our phones, going to the grocery store in our horse and buggy. It was a much simpler time in those days and in those 6 hours last night.

All that to say, this is what I wore yesterday before the Blackout of '10 happened. I have to be honest, I feel like it looked better on the mannequin. Yes, that's right -- I bought this outfit because it was on the mannequin and it looked really good. Except for the belt, I added that on. (Go creativity! Go originality!) I don't even feel bad for stealing* the whole mannequin either. I mean that's why they put them so close to the door right?
*this is sarcasm. I didn't steal this outfit. I put it on my credit card and then declared bankruptcy.