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pit stop

Isn't this the cutest little gas station? So cute that it closed down and is now for rent in a small town between Somewhere, Texas and Nowhere, Texas. I bought it for Bryan for his birthday. He's kind of pissed because that means he'll have to work the night shift as the owner and sole employee, but secretly I think he loves it.

I got my bi-polar sleeve shirt from Anthro this weekend, as I was buying presents for my honey. (I know. I know. I'm just so self-less.) At first, when I saw it in the sale room, I thought what a pretty tank, then I pulled it out and there was a sleeve! A pouffy sleeve at that and I knew it was mine. It's like a shirt mullet -- party on the left, business casual on the right.

Speaking of business casual, I am so tired of traveling. I am so tired of the insides of airplanes and sharing an arm rest with someone other than my husband. In fact I'm so tired of traveling that my fear of flying has been cured. I must wait a few months before flying again so that my fear can have time to creep back into my life and debilitate me and my dreams again. It's not always fun to be the only one crying on the plane. But it is fun when they let you meet the pilot and give you wings.

Anyways, we'll be grounded (ha!) for a while this month. Expect more outfits, less travel. More humor, less tears. More giveaways, less outfits posts. Just kidding. If I was Oprah I'd throw money at your face. But I'm not. I'm merely Kendi, Kendi Winfrey. And I'm back.

(PS I hate when spell checker puts that little red line underneath my name. But it also didn't recognize Oprah, so I guess I'm okay with me and O's anonymity)