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all dressed up


There are three things I love in life: 1) pretty dresses 2) spending less than $100 and 3) ambitious best friends who quit their day jobs to start an online boutique. Shop Mamie is all of those things and more. (You can buy rainbows and hope on their site as well as cute tops and dresses.) It really should be illegal for two best friends to be that ambitious and that pretty (who is the wing man? do they even need a wingman?) Anyways, if you haven't browsed their site yet, pop on over and have a looksie. I don't make promises, but if I did I promise you won't be disappointed.

Alright guys, I'm thinking about doing another 30 for 30 challenge soon. Is this brilliance or crazy talk? Your thoughts? (If you aren't familiar with a 30 for 30 remix I did this spring, click here. I'll school you.)

PS if you are looking for a good belt, they have an amazing one here. And it's $22, need I say more?

My dress is courtesy of the lovely ladies at Shop Mamie. The dress can be found here.