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mommy knows best

When I put my outfit on this morning I thought to myself "if I were a cool mom, I would wear this outfit" and then I congratulated myself on being able to not only wake up 10 minutes late but stop by Starbucks and get myself a coffee before getting myself to work all in one piece.

So all day I've been thinking what a great mom I would be in my fashionable mom outfit. I thought about how cool I would look picking up my kid at school or going to a PTO meeting. I can do this, I can be a mom. So I think to myself, since I'm kind of a mom now, this week I will blog outfits that mom's can wear while still being functional and fashionable. Feeling robust, I call my sister (mother of two -- a 4 year old and a 21-month old) and I ask her what she wears and what she never wears as a mom. Here are her answers:

1. No white, ever.
2. No belts.
3. No heels.
4. No chunky jewelry -- unless you have a death wish or you want it broken in 5 minutes of putting it on.

I looked down at my outfit and everything she mentioned, I was wearing. Then she ended with this: "But other than that, you can just about wear anything." Anything? Is there anything good left?

So with my "mom outfit" shot to hell, I have nothing to offer you mom's out there. In fact, I have absolutely no idea what it means to be a mom, so stop with the emails asking child rearing advice. I've been making it up all along.