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For you, Dad.


For every diaper changed

For every lunch packed

For all of the late night giggles you didn’t quiet

For all of the spankings I deserved and for the ones I didn’t

For not forcing me to play piano

For buying me a guitar instead

For giving me my own computer at the age of 8

For every egg you’ve scrambled and donut we've shared

For not losing your sanity on all of the family vacations

For all of the ice cream tops you ate, leaving me the cone

For all of the jr. high basketball games you endured

For every Saturday morning date to IHOP and the library

For my college education

For the XM radio subscription I forgot to cancel for 5 years

For every joke you’ve told

For every book you’ve ever read

For every time you call me princess

For all of the wise words you’ve imparted

For the small hugs and the big ones

For the patience you’ve had

For the support you’ve given

For the money you’ve spent

For every story I’ll tell of you to my kids

For picking the perfect woman to be my mom

For walking me down the aisle

For everything.

I love you. Happy Father's Day.