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brand new bag

When I first started my blog, my friend Amy said to me "handbags! more handbags!" Since then I've tried to incorporate a few of my clutches but never my "handbag" as she so eloquently squealed to me. Mostly because my purses are nothing to swoon at. Sometimes I just carry an old plastic bag from Target or a stick with a handkerchief tied to it. Or sometimes just a pair of boxers that I sewed up the legs and attached a belt to so I can wear it as a satchel.

So handbags haven't always been my weakness... that is until this guy came along. Possibly the best purse I've ever carried (with the exception of the Gap red plaid backpack purse I carried from 1997-1998.) Now you have to understand I'm not a designer purse girl -- not because I don't like designers but because I don't save my money enough to buy designer purses. So I usually just pick up a bag at Old Navy or Nordstrom Rack on the cheap and go with function over fashion.

When I saw this purse it was love at first sight. But it was about $50 more than I spend on purses. So I walked away from it. Then I walked back to it, then away, then back, then away. I did this for about 40 minutes until my husband tased me and let me buy it. (save yourself the pacing -- you can find the bag here.)

On a lighter note, this is one of those shirts that is solely made for 16 year old girls who haven't quite developed intestines yet. I've never sucked in my tummy for so long.