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Day to Date Night


You guys, I found this dress in the trash. I couldn't believe it -- it was just sitting there in a pile of rotten fruits and old liquor bottles. I got it home, cleaned it up and it just happened to fit! Can you believe that? Just sitting there in my size. I have such luck.

Just kidding. I got it from Banana Republic outlet. But that's the story I told my husband when he asked where this dress came from. I'm not supposed to be shopping so keep it on the hush if my husband asks.

I thought that I'd do a day to date night post, since it's been a while. And I've only done it one other time. I get emails from readers asking how they can easily go from the office to happy hour. My friends I have the secret. It's a cardigan. Look as long as your arms and legs are mostly covered, you can wear anything to work under a cardigan. I'm pretty sure that I could get away with my tankini, as long as I wore it with boring black pants, a string of pearls and a cardigan.

Take off the cardi, add the necklace and boom. We've got a date outfit for free*

Yes, I work in a field if you were wondering. We also have date night in a field. What can I say? We're naturalists.

*wink wink.