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red all over

Today was so rainy. Actually it's been rainy all week because of Hurricane Alex blowing in south of us. (We're not on the coast so we won't see any damage, just lots of rain.) And if there is one weather condition that baffles my wardrobe's mind its rain. I can dress for snow, heat, wind, and a wintery mix -- but summertime rain gets me every time. Because while yes it's raining, it's still a balmy 85 degrees out there. So obviously white was out but I also wanted something that was comfortable. That's when I remembered this shirt I bought years ago and never knew what to do with it. This top was was made for days like today.

Looking at my pictures now, I realize that my shoes are really, really red. I've never noticed that before but they kind of look like clown shoes. Size 10 feet are hard to hide, especially when I put them in little red boats against a drab cement sea.

So continuing on my fake mom outfits, let's call this one "the field trip." It's a little casual, a little flashy and I bet that it would leave you a sweet note in your packed lunch.