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Lately it's been so hot here that all I've been thinking about is going around in my underwear. When my husband said no to that option, I called the mayor. He too said that this was not a good idea, even if I used sunscreen. So I went with the next logical option: a maxi dress. Let's make one thing clear -- I do not look good in maxi-dresses. Most of the time they are cut very low on top with have zero support. Then I just feel fat because they hide the best of my body (the lower half) and emphasize the worst (the upper half). Because of these lessons learned, I do not own a maxi dress and do not plan on buying one any time soon. That is until I fell in love with this racerback maxi dress from Madewell:

madewell racerback jersey dress
Oh beautiful, unattainable Madewell -- the store where things never go on sale. And because of this no-sale issues, I don't even set foot inside of the store. I simply gawk at their emails and lookbooks online. Ever since seeing this dress, I've been obsessed with finding a racerback dress. Until today. When I made one up. Out of thin air.

I remembered an important principle that I learned in college. You see I would skip class for half of the semester and then decide to show up on test day. Lesson learned: When all else fails, improvise. So I took a racer back tank, tucked it into my long maxi skirt, belted it and was on my way. My professor would have given me an A on the outfit and a F on the test, since improvising geology terms didn't always work to my advantage. ("Cleavage" means what shows when you wear a low cut shirt right?)