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Cold Front


I tweeted earlier today about how you style bloggers up north do this cold weather and still manage to look adorable. Oh and continue to take outfit photos outside. See it's easy for me (just kidding, it's hard very hard. The conditions are terrible down here.) because most days it's sunny and when I say cold I really mean I need a light jacket because I might get chill bumps. Today it's cold. Meaning I need the fur of a wooly mammoth so that my organs don't freeze together. I can't speak for years 1-5, but for what I can recall I've never been this cold ever. 

With that said, this was the fastest outfit shoot we've ever done. 4 minutes total with the car running. We even interrupted a lady illegally dumping (her trash, ya'll. Don't be dirty.) to bring you this outfit today. And now I'm forgoing the grocery store and not cooking dinner so that I can write this post. The sacrifices I make...

(I'm also wearing two pairs of tights, socks and a shirt underneath a shirt underneath a shirt. That's three layers deep -- total Inception style.)