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Over the Weekend


I don't usually do this but I snuck in another outfit over the weekend. So I wore this on Saturday, but I'm blogging it on Monday. Make sense? I didn't think so either.

Speaking of weekends, how was yours? Mine was good. If I was a liar, I'd tell you that I cleaned out our garage, I held a spontaneous block party for our neighborhood, and I ran a 5k for a local charity. But since I'm not a liar, I'll tell you this. I watched an embarrassing amount of Greek episodes and didn't move for hours at a time. Don't judge me, okay? We've come to the point in our Netflix queue where we've run out of good things to watch instantly. The Cosby Show is next.

We did get up and go out Saturday night, when I wore this gem of an outfit. Some would call it a date, I just call it a night that I don't have to cook. It's romantic to me either way.