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Linley on Why I Remix

I have more clothes than I need and never all the clothes that I want - do you have this problem? Time after time I walk into my closet (and it's just a couple steps in, people - nothing to run laps around), see nothing I like, and decide I need more clothes. So I'll purchase a couple new pieces for the season, wear them repeatedly - sometimes two days in a row - and this becomes a vicious cycle every couple of months. Not good. I needed an eyeopener to my current closet.

I remix...

to open my eyes to undiscovered outfits already in my closet.
to prove that style isn't always about trends.
to bring life to older pieces.
to learn more about myself, my style, and my closet.
to rationally realize what I need vs. want.
and... because it's fun!

I thoroughly enjoy creativity and originality. Being different, but in a great and inspiring way. I've always had a love for style and making it my own. Remixing is a window into your own style - it's a way to challenge yourself to further your creativity. And while creativity cannot be forced, it can be pushed - and that's when things become great!

Follow Linley as she remixes her way through her closet at Dwelling and Telling.