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One Day at a Time


I've got the dreaded Disney hangover. (I pray 4 year olds don't deal with this.) I didn't want to get up today and I didn't want to work. I wanted to put my Snow White costume back on and head back to Magic Kingdom and eat more soft pretzels. But Bryan said no and cracked his reality whip. He's so hardcore (as seen in the tea cup video). Although he did let me wear the costume through lunch today, said I could ease into the day if I wanted to.

I would like to talk to you guys today about something very important: sweater tights. No not a tight sweaters, although that is an important issue as well that should be addressed in the near future. The weather can be such a jerk sometimes, all of a sudden it's 11 degrees outside and I didn't expect this type of cold. Thankfully I picked up these sweater tights from Target a few weeks ago and I'm so glad I did. (If this is starting to sound like an informercial, I swear it's not...but order now and receive three free pairs for one low price of $19.99!!!) It's literally like putting a long sweater on my legs. Literally. Which makes me sad for my legs that I've not known about these things before. Did you guys know about them?

Oh. You did?

I've got to get out more.