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 I'm really glad I put this blazer in my 30 for 30. I know they say every woman should have an LBD (little black dress) in their closet, but I say every woman should have a LBB, a little brown blazer. (Or a little brownie batter, or a little bit of booty. Depends on what mood I'm in.)  I've found a new love for this guy. (Guy meaning my blazer. He's tweed, so that mean's he's a dude.) I'm sad that it's no longer available or you could have a well-loved blazer too. Now I'm just rubbing it in. 

Right now I'm jealous. Seriously, right this moment I wish I was sitting at the Lucky Conference. But I'm not. I'm sitting at my desk with my space heater and to be honest, I'm kind of sweaty. But I don't want to turn my space heater off because then I get cold. Cold sweats are the worst. 

Do you see why I'm jealous? Do you see it now?