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Complementary Colors

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I know. It's confusing that I'm standing in front of the number three but I'm on outfit four. It's just that I left my spray paint in my other purse and didn't have time to spray paint a "4" on the wall today. Next time, okay guys? 

If you are wondering why i'm so dressed up on a Friday, it's simple. So simple that I will now give you a pop quiz. I am dressed up today because: 
a) it's laundry day and nothing else is clean
b) I have somewhere important to go and it's laundry day   
c) I was afraid our house would burst into flames if I ran the dryer 
d) it's always laundry day because I'm lazy  
e) all of the above -- it's laundry day obviously

If you guessed "e" then you are right. You win nothing but I do applaud your excellent multiple choice skills. 

Another reason was that I got tired of not wearing any bright colors. This week was a bit on the muted side, so I thought why not dress in all shades of red, orange and pink? They are all cousins on the color wheel after all. So today I am a color wheel of fun. Sometimes I'm a cheese wheel of fun, but only when a box of the finest wine Target sells is around.