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I wore this outfit yesterday but I didn't have time to post it. I know what you are thinking "Wow, you must be so busy, Kendi." But really it's a matter of priorities and no matter what, my personal obligations always trump my blog. You see, there is this mexican food place in town that everyone goes to on Friday night and if don't get there by 6:00 you can forget about getting a table. We got there by 5:55 and by the grace of God we got a table. And then I went into a refried bean coma and wasn't able to type.

Do you like my new glasses? My lover got them for our 3 year anniversary. (3 year anniversary gift = glass. He's clever, no?) I'm really proud of the way his gift-giving has progressed over the years. Our first valentine's day he gave me a bamboo tree. Now he's giving me hipster glasses. And one day, he will give me a miniature pony. This was in our pre-nup.