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Dangerous Minds

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So....I'm a little behind and it's only Tuesday. This is not a good sign of a productive week. I wore this yesterday, when it was a chilly 81 degrees. I've lived here all of my life but I keep forgetting that winter is a tease in Texas. I have 3 items in my remix that might not get mixed unless it cools off here in the next two weeks. I always gamble a little bit when I plan my 30 for 30 during mid-seasons. What can I say? I'm a risk taker. Do you see how close I am standing to that ledge that's only two feet above the ground below? I'm only a few hundred feet away, one wrong move and I'd probably roll my ankle. Danger is my middle name. 

This was another one of those "why didn't I think of this outfit yet?" outfits. Easy and not a cable knit sweater? Sounds good to me.