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I know this sounds weird, but I had to check my photos to see if I had worn this outfit before in my remix. 1/3 of the way through and I've already got amnesia. No wonder I like this remix so much. I can't remember it enough to not like it. I like to call this hard times amnesia*, as this also rang true for ex-boyfriends and jobs. One job in particular I left 4 times and went back 3. And I always gave boyfriends a second chance. Except for my lifetime boyfriend, I never let him leave. (Uh... that would be my husband, don't get any funny ideas.)

I'm really hoping that my boots make it through the rest of the challenge. I've had them for two and a half years and they are wearing thin on the bottom. Should I get them re-soled or buy new ones? You guys decide. I'm terrible at decisions. 

*I really shouldn't put the 30 for 30 in with lame jobs and lame boyfriends. The 30 for 30 is not lame. I repeat, the 30 for 30 is not lame.