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Half-Way There, Well Almost

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I'm a bit sad that I'm already on outfit 14. My last remixes felt a lot longer than this. Just  a week ago I was on outfit 7, now the remix is already in her teens. Growing up too fast, I tell ya. If you are remixing along and you feel like you've FINALLY reached halfway, don't worry this feeling is normal. I cried and complained a lot during the first remix and wanted to quit a few times. (Hush, I know that's pathetic to share but the internet is my safe haven where I share my real emotions.) By now I know the routine and I know how to avoid those downfalls. So if you are finding yourself in a place of "I don't want to remix anymore" then here are a few words of encouragement:

1. Go window shopping. No, NOT for new clothes but for new ideas. Find outfit inspirations that include similar items in your remix and go from there. Start building a few more outfits and once you start, you'll soon be out of your remix rut. I like to look at catalogs, my favorite stores online and of course other style/fashion blogs. I keep an inspiration folder on my computer and save a cute outfit inspiration when I find one. 

2. If you have it, go through your outfit archive on your own blog. Be your own inspiration. Maybe there was an outfit you put together that you'd forgotten about and you can re-create it with what you have in your remix. Sometimes a little refresher course on your own style is the best thing you need. 

3. Follow along with other 30 for 30 remixers and find new inspiration. I can't start to tell you how many fantastic remixers there are on that list. It blows my small town mind that there are that many stylish people out there, doing there own thing. 

4. Plan ahead! If you are struggling with putting outfits together each day, then take a few minutes and make a plan for the week. Just because you have less items to work with doesn't mean you can't be just as creative. 

5. Don't give up. Look, every outfit won't be the very best outfit you ever came up with, but that's not the challenge, is it? Not every outfit in my remix is my most shining moment of fashion but my body is still covered and I still look (arguably) cute. I promise at the end of the challenge you'll be a better remixer and shopper. Heck, if anything you didn't spend a dime on clothing for one month! Can we say savings account? 

And as always, you can email me for even more encouragement. Although I'm taking a break on the inbox over Thanksgiving. I don't want to get pie smeared on my keyboard like last year.