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True Blue

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You guys are going to laugh at this, but I thought that my tights were black today. I thought I was being so unpredictable with my blue dress and my black tights. I was going to write about how I cleverly paired my black tights with my navy blue dress. 

Turns out they are navy. So very predictably navy. Sigh. I've got to stop getting dressed in the dark.

Do you ever do something awesome to your hair on accident and think "I'll never be able to do this again?" And so you try not to touch it or even move very much so that it will stay awesome? That's my bun today. I've never had this type of volume before; it's never cooperated like this before. I'm considering putting on a neck brace just for extra security. I don't know why my hair has decided to cooperate today. However, I have been using extra conditioner lately and I've been laying off of the backcombing and teasing. Those are two different things mind you. To backcomb: run your comb along the backside of your hair, creating volume. To tease: make fun of your hair for being flat. See also: pointing and laughing. 

One more thing before you go. During the shoot it became clear that something in the woods had died and was fragrantly offensive. This is me grieving the smell of death. 


Thank you dear husband for capturing this moment. I had no idea you could read my face like a book. Must work on being less transparent.