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Colors 101


I almost had Kate Middleton hair today but it was ruined by the wind. Other things ruined by high winds in the history of the world:

small trees with breakable limbs

So I guess it's fine that just my hair was damaged today. But still. I was this close to becoming royalty. This close.

To solve my yesterday blah's I had a pint of frozen yogurt and a beer last night. (I do not recommend this combination. It was an experiment that I'm still waiting to see the effects of.) I also decided that today I would dress in as many variations of purple and red as possible. No better way to beat the blues than by calling it purple.

In fact, I've decided that if my outfit were a color scheme of paint colors this is what they would be:

Maybe I should write sarcastic paint names for a living. You guys, I think I've found my calling.