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Scout's Honor


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Let's be honest, I've got a little bit of a girl scout look going on here. Troop Beverly Hills to be exact. Only because Jenny Lewis would be in my troop and we could swap clothes. After the remix of course. 

My dear sweet peach of a husband took my photos early this morning. And then I made him pancakes on the fire pit I made out of nature and twigs. I of course started the fire with matches, and not two rocks and friction. I'm not really a girl scout. I'm just dressed like one. Now I'm off to earn my "Laundry Queen" badge. 

I, Kendi Everyday, promise to remix my heart out in the next 30 or so days. Scout's honor. 


(Update: 1) Apparently I'm doing the boy scout's hand signal instead of the girl scout's. This just goes to show you that the closest I ever got to being an actual girl scout was a package of Thin Mint cookies. 2) How could I not have included this? Do the Freddy!)