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Date Night

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Alright, here is pre-game outfit number 2. I only got 1 load of laundry done yesterday, so I'm wearing a few more 30 for 30 items. Laundry is not on the list of priorities until I don't have any underwear to wear. Then it's a problem. (Can you guess which two are in the remix? Hint: it's not the belt or the tights.) 

My husband and I found a restaurant gift card that a friend gave us a while back so we went out for a surprise date night. Surprise date night? What's that? That's where we go and surprise two other people who are on a date by sitting at their table, eating their dinner and drinking their wine. It's really fun and we didn't even end up spending our gift card. Most people just get up and leave their whole meal there they are so surprised. 

That's a lie. We just went on a regular date night, like an old married couple. And we used the whole gift card, so predictable.