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Tania on Why I Remix


"As a grad student, my work revolves around rereading and rewriting. I have found that reading a novel for the second time is always more fruitful than the first, and a carefully revised paper is considerably better than an early draft. Naturally, my interest in revision applies to my closet, as well. Just as scholars thrive on finding new meanings in oft-read texts, remixers thrive on finding new combinations for well-worn pieces.

Some of my favorite outfits are built on a dress or cardigan I’ve had in my closet forever, that I’ve found a new way to wear. Figuring out new ways to wear old pieces—layered under or over things, with scarves or tights or bangles, in an entirely new color combination—is the best way to make a limited closet feel fresh and exciting. I’ve worn my favorite dress a hundred and two times but I think I can find about a hundred and two more ways to remix it.

So why do I remix? For the challenge of creatively styling and re-styling my closet, to see old clothes with new eyes, and to practice in new ways the lesson I teach my students every semester: revision, revision, revision."

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