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Back to Basics

{Shop: top, bottom, shoes}

You guys, I think I"m running out of clothes. Our washer has been broken for almost two weeks (we get a new one today) and I've been trying to save my 30 for 30 clothes for next week. But I've just realized between heaps of laundry and my reserved pile, I've got nothing to wear. So this is something from my 30 for 30. I went for two of the most basic pieces -- a t-shirt and jeans. You can't get much more basic than a top and a bottom. It's a blank canvas just waiting to be painted with accessories. So consider this is my pre-game outfit. A 30 for 30 prelude, if you will. 

If you need me, I'll be doing about 6 loads of laundry today. 

And now a thank you letter for my sister:

Dear Sister, 

Thank you for the cute hat and the adorable necklace that you gave me. I wore them both and really liked them. It was very thoughtful of you to think of me. 

Also, I forgive you for partially strangling me that one time when we were kids, for always sitting in the front seat of the car, for telling me that Santa wasn't real and for taking the better Barbie dolls. It's been a long time coming but I'm finally ready to let it go.