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The Proposal


It's no secret that I love Jentine from My Edit. We have an e-relationship. We email weekly and ask each other such things as "when will we meet?" (It's cool, our husbands know about this internet affair.) Anyways, since we both have style blogs we have this running joke about dressing up just to go to the grocery store. That one day we will wear our best dresses just to the grocery store and nowhere else. And we will blog about it.  

Well Jentine, that day has come. I also went to a coffee shop and the post office but I wore my best remix dress to the grocery store today. And I must say it worked. I cut in front of two ladies at the deli, and I got hit on by a 90 year old man who suavely asked me "Young lady, do you ever watch women's softball on the television?" Those old men can be so dirty and so sly. I knew where he was going with this proposal though and I walked away. I've broken too many nursing home dreams. 

Speaking of proposals, my best friend ran a half-marathon yesterday and her boyfriend surprised her with a ring at the finish line. How adorable is that? Luckily B and I were there to capture the whole thing. 

Congrats to M, my very best friend. You will be the most beautiful bride there ever was.