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Ralph Lauren would really like my outfit.


Kate Middleton Hair Day 2, success. This time the wind cooperated. Yes, I might be slightly obsessed with her, I might be pouring over photos of her on the internet for hours. Printing them out and making wallpaper out of them. Asking my husband to call me Kate...Middleton. But it's really that I just like her hair. And that I'd like to be invited to the wedding, that's all.

Do you ever put on an outfit that takes you by surprise? That's how I feel today. I don't want to take this outfit off, even if my husband told me that I looked like I needed a small pony to go with my outfit. I took it as another reference to my current K.M. obsession. All royalty needs a horse. I have my prince, I have the hair, I just need a horse. And apparently a small one.

On a side note, I think Ralph Lauren would really like my outfit today. But then again, he'd like it better if there was a small pony in the picture with me. Man, sometimes you just can't win.