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Easy Like a Sunday Morning

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The most exciting things I've done so far this weekend: 

bought a coffee with 1% steamed milk, no sugar
ate a bowl of dry Cap'N Crunch 
watched a movie that I've seen before
slept in till 8:15 am

I know. You guys probably thought I was interesting. Oh well we did go to a shady place friday night to hear a friend play with this band. It was a bar that was in a boat that was on land. Yeah, you're right that's not that interesting either. That's just weird. 

I hope your weekend is as boring as mine is. Lest we forget the best holiday is right around the corner that we need to rest for. Best holiday? What about Christmas, you say? Christmas has obligations, Thanksgiving is non-commital. I don't have to buy anyone anything, I just have to show up and eat. What is better than a national holiday that asks you, begs of you to eat? Exactly. 4th of July is second in my book, same principle but with fireworks and a grill. 

Rest up dear friends. We've got a big week ahead.