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An Inconvenient Truth


You guys tired of this dress yet? Since I can't hear you, I'm going to assume no. That's good because it might be one of my favorite things I bought this year, therefore I will wear it to death. And cheap synthetic fabric does not wear out easily, trust me. Life span on this dress: 22 years. That's by my scientific calculation, mind you.

It seems that I learn something new with each remix and this being my third, that means a new lesson has been learned. I find myself wearing things I normally wouldn't wear and with ease. I don't stress about if it's blog-worthy or not, I simply find what I can and make it as Kendi as possible and get on with my day. And as non-Earth shattering of a revelation as that might be to you, it's huge to me. Having fewer items really does make my life easier. I don't know if I will ever fully embrace a minimalist lifestyle, although I do love Ikea, but I love the idea of a smaller closet for me. (I never in a MILLION years thought those words would come out of my mouth.) My husband is rejoicing right now. Smaller closet means less shopping to him. But on the contrary, it doesn't mean less shopping, it just means smarter shopping. Only the things I truly need and love will be welcome into my closet from now on. I'm sorry trendy fur vest, that does not include you or your thigh insulting friend, the Jegging.

And while this is something that some people have already figured out, it's new to me. I've always thought the more you have the better your wardrobe will be. But that is not true, although it certainly is convenient for a shopper like myself. There is no such thing as a perfect wardrobe, there is only such a thing as your wardrobe. Be who you are, buy what you need (and can afford), and wear those items creatively. Be in the closet you are in and be happy with what you have.*

Besides finding a pair of shoes I was certain that I'd lost, this might be the best thing I've ever found while searching through my closet.

*Please know that this is my philosophy and I expect no one but myself to believe it wholeheartedly. Everyone has their own truth to find, this just happens to be mine and I thought I'd share it with you.