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Linda on Why I Remix

I love shopping! Who doesn't? Well, besides my sister which still makes me wonder if she's adopted or something. I love shopping so much that 6 years ago I would get paid and then spend 150% of it on clothes (thank you Visa!). Then, I met Bob. He had decided to get out of debt and when we got married, he whipped me into shape. It wasn't easy. I cried countless times because I had "nothing to wear." My size changed AND I was wanting to change my style, so most days I would just stand in front of my closet hoping something new was going to just magically appear! At that point I was remixing (long before I knew Kendi) because I OWNED fewer than 30 wearable items. It was painful. But I learned some valuable lessons:
  1. Having a roof over my head is more important than having the latest and greatest.
  2. I'm still the same person without new clothes as I am with them.
  3. Creativity is born within limitations.
Why I Remix
  • I remix because I'm part of a family (and a world) that doesn't revolve around me.
  • I remix because I've learned that discipline helps me get what I want.
  • I remix because when I don't buy everything I see I can pay off debt and have a better future.
  • I remix because it forces me to be creative.
  • I remix so I can be grateful for what I have and forget about all the things I want, but don't need.
  • I remix to prove that clothes don't define who I am.
"Happy thou art not; For what thou hast not, still thou strivest to get, And what thou hast, forget'st." -William Shakespeare from Measure for Measure

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