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Weekend Update


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I hereby interrupt your weekend with a quick post. I wanted to keep up with the ol' 30 for 30 and since I showered and got dressed today (this is an accomplishment for a Saturday) I thought it should be documented.

I only wore this for the first half of the day, as it went from 35 degrees to 70 within a few hours today. It was a beautiful spring day in December. I mean people were swimming outside at the gym today. (OUTSIDE!!) I'm slightly tempted to stick my head in the freezer and just pretend that it's snowing.

And with that, I'm off to talk my husband into watching as many chick flicks are he can stomach. Wish me luck.

Happy weekend, friends.

And PS -- Morgan, you won the Linkel giveaway! Come on down and claim your prize by emailing me ASAP!