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How the weather forced me to wear this outfit:


How I wanted to wear this outfit:

Alright so yes, I might be wearing the same shirt I wore yesterday. It's just so pretty and I was still feeling romantic, so I put it back on this morning. If wearing a shirt twice in one week is a crime, then lock me up. My one call will be to Loft. To bring me more shirts to wear over and over again.

I also wanted to wear just this shirt with my skirt but Texas has apparently decided that it's winter and I couldn't go without a jacket. One day the weather will do what I say and coordinate with my closet, until then I must comply.

Also, as you can tell my shirt has MAJOR static cling. Even after taping multiple dryer sheets to my body, it still clings. Seriously, nothing worked. What can I say? Cute clothes love me. I just can't keep them off of me.