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Belated Birthday

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I wore this yesterday. Somehow I've gotten behind on my outfits. It must have been that one day I only wore bottoms and didn't take pictures. It messed everything up. Maybe I'll post two today? Twoday? Ha, I don't even care if you laughed at that one. It gets me every time.

I don't know what I'm going to do with this light. We started taking pictures at 5:20 yesterday and by 5:30 it was almost dark. I'm going to need to talk to somebody about this. Are you there God, it's me Kendi. No, not Margaret, Kendi you know the girl who takes pictures of herself every day? Oh Margaret does that too now? Weird, well never mind.*

So I forgot to celebrate my blog birthday yesterday, but it in fact has been one whole year. I am a little stumped as to how I should celebrate a blog birthday. Besides lavishing myself with gifts, cards and flowers (which I did) a day late, I'm not really sure what else to do. As with most birthdays that I forget, there is always next year.

*Please tell me you get the Judy Blume reference. If not, I'm not sure we can be friends.