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The Lottery Theory


Yesterday I went to my husband's christmas party lunch for the company he works for. It was out at a campground, so jeans were the only realistic option. When my husband saw me he said "you look very equestrian today." At first I thought, 'well that's a strange thing to say' and then I remembered that I was sitting on a horse with my riding hat on. Silly me.

So I'm still holding on to that evil cold I caught last week. I've accepted the fact that it's probably found a nice home inside of my body and I will feel like this forever. And no, this is not being dramatic. This is being realistic. Dramatic would be me blogging about my cold ever chance I can and asking for remedies and sympathy... oh. I see your point.

I already miss the 30 for 30. I know that sounds weird but I can totally relate now to someone who wins the lottery. It's like one day you have like $200 in your bank account and the next you have $5 million. It's shocking to your system. I went from 30 pieces I could choose to wear and now I have 5 million. (My closet is HUGE). And while it's exciting to see my closet as a nice big resource now, it's like what do I wear next? Or I guess in the lottery winner's case, what should I buy next? A house, a car, a huge inflatable jump house to put in my backyard for the ultimate afternoon enjoyment?

 I think this is why fortune has never come my way.