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Matchy Matchy


As promised, I'm wearing heels. But I have to say, shoe choice aside, I think my distraction and brain mush is caused by the holidays. So I've given up on trying to concentrate on work, which only leads to hours of blog reading anyways. I've now given in to wrapping Christmas gifts. No matter how crappy they will turn out.

And they will turn out crappy. Family, friends, other people I give presents to -- by the time you receive our packages it will look like it's been wrapped, opened and then re-wrapped, opened again and wrapped once more. It hasn't. It's just I never fully developed the proper use of my hands, that's all.

I'm not normally so matchy-matchy. But this outfit called to me, right down to the matching necklace. Which is kind of creepy, hearing clothing say your name. But I've been hearing those voices for years, so I try not to let it bother me too much. Except for when they call me Cindy or Kendra, then it gets really annoying.