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It's hard to be honest sometimes. Not like in the sense of telling the truth, just in the sense of not telling the whole truth. See the difference? So here is the truth: My brain and most of it's creativity is gone. I don't know if its the holidays, the traveling, my week-long cold that I did in fact conquer or the fact that I've eaten chocolate truffles and french fries every single night for about a week but something in my brain is clogged. Gosh, so many things to blame it on, how will I ever choose?

This is weird because I'm not sad or anything, I mean for goodness sake Christmas is 5 days away how could I possibly be sad? Just distracted, I suppose. It's just that my brain doesn't want to move. Is this happening to anyone else?

In other news, I don't want to take this outfit off, ever. It's like wearing pajamas, but better. I also have a small blanket around my neck, so it's easy to nap at anytime. I can just use my scarf as a pillo...  Oh okay, I see what's going on. It's becoming clear as to why my brain won't wake up. I'm dressing in nap-time chic. Expect heels tomorrow.