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Take It Easy

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I had to ease back into blogging this morning. After taking 4 days off from photographing any outfits, and in fact not wearing any outfits, just one pair of sweatpants and one christmas sweater that had to be plugged in to fully function, I was a little intimidated by my closet. And I woke up wanting to wear pants today. (I know this because I woke up to my own voice screaming 'pants!') Denim trousers are a good excuse for pants. Because they feel like jeans but look like business. Kind of like a mullet, but not really. Never mind. 

I feel very romantic today. I even bought myself flowers, ate lunch by candle light and took myself out for an afternoon stroll, while holding my own hand. This is what happens when I wear lace-covered satin. I get all mushy inside. 

How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was good. I think everyone was sufficiently unimpressed with my gifts this year. That's my goal. Each year give something someone could use but they definitely don't want. That way when I really give a good gift, they will be really excited. Bryan always wanted a used calculator watch. He just didn't know it.