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Love in The Time of Ketchup

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My blogger bun today turned out to be more of a granny bun. A tiny, lopsided granny bun. Sometimes I think I've missed my calling as a hair stylist. Just think, I could be out there putting tiny, side buns on top of people's heads and getting paid for it. I guess it's never too late right? 

Well it's happened. My husband and I have reached the pinnacle of our small town life. Last night we scrounged up $10 to eat at a hamburger place and called it date night. Of course I've always preferred french fries to fresh roses, so I'm not complaining. It was perfectly romantic. He even got me an extra packet of ketchup so that I wouldn't run out mid-meal. Swoon.


 (this picture was taken years ago, but I assure you the love remains strong)

But more than anything he makes me laugh. I know you guys have never heard my voice before (its really deep and throaty) or my laugh, so you can't fully appreciate the picture below. My laugh is super obnoxious, almost like a shrill. But a low shrill. Like a small bird with a cold who won't stop chirping outside your window.


People in movie theaters and libraries love me.

**Oh my little sillies. My voice isn't really that low, I was just being sarcastic. But my laugh is highly obnoxious.