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Trash Day


Just to be clear, I wore this yesterday. Glad to get that off my chest.

Guess what? I found some trash to stand in front of yesterday. It was time to shake things up here on Kendi Everyday. Piles of trash > beautiful landscapes. If you ever wonder where we find such places, I really don't know. I think our whole town is 16.9 sq miles (no, no thank YOU wikipedia) so it doesn't take long to cover just about every cool looking place in town. And today at one of our cool places, we found some stacked trash. A blessing from above.

Yesterday was the first time since I started the 30 for 30 that I actually said "What should I wear today?" Not that I am getting tired of what I have, it's just starting to get a lot colder than it was when we first started. (Remember outfit one? Those are bare legs, people.) Then I remembered this cowl thing my cousin made for me a few years ago. (The same cousin who gave me that pretty scarf.) I actually forced her to make this for me after sending her a few million skeins of yarn and a note that just said "or else" in cut out magazine letters. She got the message.

Did you like how I labeled it as handmade? I wanted you to think that I made it. I can't make anything but dinner and that's arguable at times. Yarn confuses me. As do my hands.