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Past Meet Present


{Shop: Blouse}

I can not tell a lie. Not a whole lot of thought went into this outfit. I didn't wake up thinking about the next trend to conquer or about sending my photo off to Lucky Magazine (wink*) but it was just what I wanted to wear. Not that it's not fun to conquer trends and dream of magazine spreads, but some days it's just nice to be comfortable. It's comfortable and cute. A win-win offituation. (I mixed outfit and situation and made up a new word.)

You know what I like best about this outfit? Everything I'm wearing is from a different year, except for my top and shoes. How about that? Keeping clothes for more than one year? Genius! Someone give me a book deal!

I put the year labels on my pants and cardigan not to brag at how long I hoard clothing (oh but I am) but to let you know you can't run out and get them any longer. It's really embarrassing when I get a call from Jenna Lyons at J.Crew Headquarters, getting on to me over wearing things that are no longer available. So please, don't request a cardigan from 2009 at J.Crew. I am just so tired of Jenna calling my cell phone. You hear that Jenna Lyons? Stop stalking me.