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cloudy with a chance of cute

This whole outfit cost less than $100. How fantastic is that? I got my shoes at Target the other day for $13. I feel like they are really good Jeffrey Campbell knock offs. Maybe some day when I quit spending all of my money on cheap wine and gossip magazines, I'll buy some and become a real fashion blogger. Till then, it's Target knock offs and really good Saturday nights.

Speaking of cheap shoes and unnatural man-made materials, many of you have asked if the cheap shoes I buy from Old Navy or Target are comfortable. I have to tell you I'm not sure if I know what comfortable is. Pretty much all I've worn in my life has been from Payless or Target. I think the most expensive pair of shoes I've ever bought were Uggs. Don't roll your eyes at me you know that you own a pair. You are sworn to secrecy on that. No one can ever know that I own a pair of Uggs and that I still wear them sometimes around the house and to the grocery store with a pair of short shorts and a long t-shirt. Pinky promise not to tell, ok?

Anyways, no they probably aren't comfortable to the average woman. I've just developed a immunity to cheap shoes. However, I've only half fallen three times today, so I would give these babies a 3.5 out of 5. No broken ankles = comfortable in my book.

Flower courtesy of Dulken and Derrick.